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Innovative and sustainable, for a better future

Vision ISCON GmbH:

Innovative and sustainable, for a better future

ISCON GmbH Mission:

Successful companies today require a comprehensive climate protection plan. At ISCON, we pave the way for a better future: We support you in your innovation and sustainability strategies and stand by your side in their implementation.

Our value-based approach ensures that your business success also contributes to the well-being of people and the environment. We lay the foundation for the growth of your company in a more sustainable Europe, preserving prosperity for future generations.

Innovation and sustainability are not just a part of our business – they are our business!

Sustainability Goals (SDGs) ​

Sustainability Goals (SDGs)

ISCON is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and takes them into account in its daily work.

SDGs 13, 8, and 4 form the focus of our entrepreneurial actions.

ISCON supports SDG 13, Climate Action through:

ISCON shows customers ways to minimize climate damage in the operation of their company:

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0  kg CO 2

Savings in CO2 emissions to which ISCON has contributed. Status as of May 1st, 2024, updated once every minute and calculated precisely once a month.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

ISCON supports companies in developing inclusive and sustainable business models that create new jobs while promoting decent work and economic growth.

We show companies ways to foster innovation in sustainable processes. Our clients can tap into new markets with products and services that take environmental concerns into account.

Through sustainable strategies, ISCON helps companies strengthen their resilience to ecological challenges.

This enables our customers to better contribute to long-term economic growth that maintains prosperity in Europe.


Number of projects/customers that ISCON has initiated or accompanied. Status as of May 1st 2024, updated once a month.

ISCON offers lectures, workshops, knowledge exchange, and learning measures that enable employees in companies to:


Number of people who have received training from ISCON or attended a lecture by ISCON. Status as of May 1st 2024, updated once a month.

How We Work

At ISCON GmbH, innovation and sustainability are not just part of the business – they are our business.

Making Your Company More Sustainable

ISCON advises companies wanting to introduce sustainability strategies and helps with practical implementation. Our range extends from sustainability questionnaires that enable a status check to the preparation of your sustainability reports incl. all CO2-footprint calculations scope 1, 2, 3. We also accompany our clients in the practical implementation of sustainability measures. This helps companies navigate the complex landscape of sustainable practices. ISCON actively supports companies in transitioning to sustainability and demonstrates that environmental responsibility can be a key factor in success. We believe that sustainable business practices are essential to the success of every company. However, sustainability must be measurable. ISCON aims to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Austria, Germany, and Europe.

Making Your Company More Innovative

At ISCON, innovation is the second core of the business. We believe that continuous innovation is an essential prerequisite for sustainable success. Therefore, our focus is on the development and implementation of groundbreaking solutions that drive progress and positive changes in various industries. The ISCON GmbH is committed to an environment where new ideas flourish, industries evolve, and progress is made that benefits companies, communities, and the whole world. We offer clients strategic consulting in promoting innovation in companies. This enables companies to better recognize growth opportunities, optimize processes, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to achieve their goals. We emphasize that new products & processes, as well as business models, are introduced at the right time in the right market. Market readiness combined with the quality of technological development decides the success of innovation. We pursue this approach from project selection to product success, accompanying companies along the way.

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